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Single-Ended or Double-Ended…

Single-Ended or Double-Ended…

The world of lighting is vast, which can make learning about it seem overwhelming. But though overwhelming, it’s not impossible. A confusing aspect of lighting can be fixtures that seem similar, but have a slight difference in wording that changes the meaning. But sometimes, these slight changes in wording are more simple than they suggest. One such example is single-ended LED lamps vs. double-ended LED lamps.


What are Single-Ended LED Lamps?

Single-ended LED lamps have the live and neutral pins on the same side of the lamp, which is known as the “input” end. That is what gives it its name. A ballast isn’t necessary for Single-ended LED lamps to be operational if it’s installed by direct wire. This will result in lower failure points, less energy consumption, and removal of unnecessary hardware. Because of the build of the single-ended LED lamp, some accommodations will need to be made for certain applications. If installing this lamp as a replacement in a fluorescent fixture, the shunted lamp holder will need to be replaced with non-shunted lamp holders on one side of the fixture.


What are Double-Ended LED Lamps?

Double-ended LED lamps have the live and neutral pins on the opposite side of each lamp, giving it its name. Compared to single-ended LED lamps, Double-ended LED lamps are more efficient as fluorescent replacement applications because they are also double-ended. In addition to that, both lamps also utilize shunted lamp holders, which is necessary for no voltage to be created between the pins.


Which One is Better?

The answer is the double-ended LED lamps. It’s safe-to-install and will save on labor costs, giving the double-ended LED lamps the edge over its single-ended counterpart. Double-ended LED lamps may be better suited as fluorescent replacements than single-ended LED lamps, it doesn’t mean that single-ended LED lamps are not also a viable option to go with.


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