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ROI App Overview

ROI App Overview


We live in an expensive world where even existing costs us money. Items that are crucial to our survival, ironically, involve spending an arm and a leg. Because of this, you want to make sure that the copious amounts of money you spend is being spent wisely. This way of thinking can be transferred to buying items such as lights. With this in mind, Fusion Lamps has developed a tool to help you see how much your investment in LED lights will save you money in the long run, that tool being the Fusion Lamps ROI Calculator. With this new app, users can enter their project information and see how quickly new lamps from Fusion will pay for themselves. This article will serve as a guide to how this new app works. But in order to understand how the ROI Calculator works, first, knowing what ROI is is key. 


What is ROI?

ROI is, practically, synonymous with business. In fact, besides generating revenue, it’s probably the most important thing involved with running a business. Even if you aren’t involved in or don’t run a business, ROI is still something essential to know as it can be used in everyday decisions. ROI, an acronym for return on investment, is used to determine the profitability or efficiency of an investment(s). In simpler terms, it has to do with what you’re getting back as a result of what was spent and/or how it profited you in the long run. By using this as a measure, you can evaluate what was a gain and what was a loss, and make decisions, accordingly, on where money continues being spent and where it needs to be cut off.


How to Use ROI Calculator

Now that it’s known what ROI is, we can learn how to use the ROI Calculator. The app is simple, consisting of 3 categories: “Existing Lamps” (the lamps you already own), “Replacement Lamps” (the Fusion Lamps you plan to buy), and “Energy” (how much you plan to use your lamps). By inputting the corresponding numbers in each category, you can calculate how much money you’ll save by investing in Fusion Lamps. Let’s use the light usage of a school cafeteria as an example, and add numbers in to see how much would be saved by switching to Fusion LED lamps.

Girl in a jacket


With the numbers added in, we can proceed to calculate the savings costs.

Girl in a jacketBased on the numbers inputted, we can see that a school would save $6,200 in energy, the payback period would be less than a year, and CO2 gas would reduced by 278kgs by switching to Fusion LED Lamps in its cafeteria. In time, the lights will pay for itself, allowing the school to spend the money saved in other areas.

The new Fusion Lamps ROI Calculator app will become a staple in your light spending habits. By using the ROI Calculator, you’ll see how switching to Fusion Lamps will save you money in the long run.

It is available now for iOS devices in the App Store.





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