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Contact Number: 910 639-5707

Email Address: wrcrisp@yahoo.com

Company Name: Sandhills Presbyterian Church

Title/Position: Administrator

Address: 650 Pee Dee Rd,

City / State / Zip: Southern Pines NC, 28387

I want to make sure this is a direct replacement for your part number FN71L250G4S. The spec sheet seems to indicated the lumens are lower in the bulb than the one its replacing. Also if there are better alternatives such as LEDs please quote those as well. Thank you William Crisp

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Fusion ED17 HPS Lamps offer an environmentally friendly solution and deliver low operating costs and energy-efficient performance. These lamps are TCLP approved and have substantially lower disposal costs and reduce environmental waste. HPS lamps are one of the most efficient HID light sources available. The Fusion family of clear HPS lamps are ideally suited to roadway, area and security lighting applications where high efficiency and long life are preferred but color rendering is not critical.


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