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Contact Number: 9106603445

Email Address:

Company Name: Blue Sky Energy Group, LLC

Title/Position: VP

Address: 311 Judges Rd., Suite 12-E,

City / State / Zip: Wilmington NC, 28405

Application: Body Shop 1x4 2L T8s Do you sell only through CES only or can we work directly with you? We prefer direct-manufacturer relationships and are looking for a new LED tube supplier. Also, do you offer extended warranties on any of your products? I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you, Trey Alber

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Fusion T8 LED bypass linear lamps provide the efficiency of fluorescent technology in recessed, surface mounted and specialty fixtures. The 50,000 hour lifetime of these lamps far outlast most fluorescent equivalents and provide savings on replacements labor and maintenance costs


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