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Contact Number: 13366320005

Email Address: iharris@woodburyfinancial.net

Company Name: Bettinger Financial

Title/Position: Office Manager

Address: 5575 GARDEN VILLAGE WAY, # C102,

City / State / Zip: Greensboro North Carolina, 27410

We have had two of these bulbs go out in our hallway. However the number starts with F32T8 and not FF32T8.

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Fusion Fluorescent U-Bend Tubes provide the efficiency of fluorescent technology in many different applications including recessed, surface mounted and specialty fixtures. The long life of these lamps far outlasts all incandescent equivalents, saving you money on replacement labor and maintenance costs. Save up to 75% in energy costs of the equivalent lumen output incandescent lamps, for significant cost saving, and lower maintenance lighting solution.


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