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Contact Number: 1-757-490-1294 ext 3510

Email Address: dclayton@1dbs.com

Company Name: Data Business Systems, Inc.

Title/Position: Accounting

Address: 156 Business Park Drive ,

City / State / Zip: Virginia Beach VA, 23462

We want to buy some bulbs to keep in stock to replace old fluorescent bulbs with for our electrician to use. I am not sure how these are sold, by the case or by the bulb. Thanks, Dianne Clayton

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Fusion Lamps T8 Double-Ended Bypass lamps provide the efficiency of fluorescent technology in recessed, surface-mounted and specialty fixtures and allow you to use existing tombstones, providing ease of installation. The 50,000-hour lifetime of these lamps far outlasts most fluorescent equivalents and provides savings on replacement labor and maintenance costs.


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